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Best Freevee Alternatives to Watch Movies & TV Shows Free

Good news for Freevee fans: Amazon is reportedly planning to shut down its Freevee streaming service earlier this year, which turns out to be a false alarm. But regardless of Freevee’s future, it is always necessary to have other streaming sites like Freevee as an alternative. This post will introduce the 12 best Freevee alternatives to watch movies and TV shows for free, to help you weigh your options.

Part 1: Is Freevee Free to Use?

Amazon Freevee is a free, ad-supported streaming service owned by Amazon, offering on-demand content including thousands of movies, shows, and Amazon Originals such as Fallout. As an additional perk, you can stream more than 460 Freevee channels across 20 categories, such as Judy Justice and Heartland. Freevee has an app for smart TVs, mobile devices, streaming media players, game consoles, and the Amazon Fire TV family. A web version of Freevee is available if you can’t access the app. You need an Amazon account to access Freevee and its completely free content. This free-of-cost streaming service has long occupied quite a market share of the streaming service market.

Part 2: Is Amazon Planning to Shut Down Its Freevee Streaming Service?

Amazon is reportedly planning to shut down its Freevee streaming service earlier this year. It all started with Amazon adding ads to Prime Video, a paid streaming service of Amazon. On the one hand, unless users pay $2.99/month for removing ads on top of Prime membership; on the other hand, Freevee users can stream the same content free of cost. Therefore, the Freevee’s positioning has caused a lot of confusion. According to Amazon, this report of sunsetting Freevee was inaccurate and no plans were to shut down Freevee in 2024. However, the statement fell short of indicating whether there would be any changes to Freevee at a later date.

Part 3: Best Freevee Alternatives That Work

Regardless of Freevee’s possible changes, it is always necessary to have other streaming sites like Freevee as an alternative. To help you opt, we’ve gathered the best 12 Freevee alternatives all free and legitimate to watch movies and TV shows. However, most of these streaming services allow streaming movies online only. If you want to download movies from them and watch them on the go, CleverGet All-In-One video is the perfect solution. It supports downloading videos from more than 1000 streaming services for offline viewing. The features of CleverGet All-In-One Downloader include:

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And if you just want to download videos from Freevee, then a good Amazon Downloader is your must-have, which allows you to watch your favorite Freevee content anywhere, anytime you like. Now Let’s get back to the Freevee alternative recommendation.

Pluto TV

As a free ad-supported streaming television service, Pluto TV provides access to more than 250 channels, including a movie channel consisting of genre-based movies. It also has a library of over 1000 on-demand movies, most of which are at least five years old. If you are a fan of James Bond, you must not miss out on Pluto TV. All Pluto TV content can be streamed through smartphones, smart TVs, PCs, and streaming devices.

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As another popular Freevee alternative, Plex offers more than 50000 titles of movies and TV shows for free with ads. These contents are categorized into genres: action, comedy, drama, etc. With a quick sign-up for a free account, you can access the content on a web browser and smart TVs. In addition, If you upgrade to a pro account, you can stream content on the mobile app Plex Labs. You can even add videos, shows, and media of your own to your folder on this app.

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Cineverse is a free ad-supported streaming service offering both on-demand content and live channels that feature a broad range of content. On this site, you will have access to many classic and indie movies and TV shows. Although you’ll encounter many ads when streaming the free content, you can subscribe to Cineverse’s premium version for $2.99 per month, to remove the ads and access more new content.

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The Roku Channel

Another Freevee alternative is the Roku Channel, a free ad-supported streaming service provided by Roku. If you have a Roku account, you can watch over 10000 movies and TV shows on almost any device for free on the Roku Channel website or the Roku App. Although you can’t find any new releases, you can still enjoy many titles once the box office hits on this service.

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Crackle is an ad-supported legitimate streaming platform owned by Sony. Therefore, you can watch movies and TV shows mainly from Sony Pictures for free but with ads. Crackle comes with apps for many such as smart TVs and smartphones, or you can access the Crackle website on a web browser. With a free Crackle account, you can build a watchlist, save watch progress, and manage parental controls for your kids. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a premium plan for more content ads free.

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Fandango at Home

Formerly known as Vudu, Fandango at Home is a free ad-supported video streaming service offering more than 12000 movies. You can access content on smartphones, tablets, streaming players, and smart TVs. Fandango at Home also allows digital rentals and purchases of more than 200000 films. On each movie page, you can find ratings and reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. If you are a movie lover, you must not ignore this platform.

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If you are a movie fan, you must not miss out on Popcornflix. Here at Popcornflix, you can find tons of independent films, web series, and film school originals on this service. In exchange for the free content, there are ads from time to time when streaming on Popcornflix. Signing up on Popcornflix is optional. With a free Popcornflix account, you can give ratings and reviews on the movies and have a personalized streaming experience. There is an app available for smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. Alternatively, you can access the content directly from the Popcornflix website.

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Tubi is a 100% free movie and TV show streaming service, featuring over 35000 titles in HD 720p. Just like the other platforms mentioned above, it is ad-supported too. But what makes Tubi stand out is that there is a Tube Kids section to keep children entertained for hours with no ads. Tubi is compatible with many different devices including smart TVs and game consoles. You can create a Tubi account and start watching on a web browser, or download the Tubi app on the device.

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Sling Freestream

Sling Freestream is the free and ad-supported version of Sling TV. On Sling Freestream, you can stream over 40000 on-demand movies and TV shows for free, with no account or subscription required. But a Sling account allows you to have a more personalized streaming experience and even unlock rewards and exclusive offers. Currently, Sling Freestream is available on devices through the Sling TV app.

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The CW Network

The CW Network is a broadcast television network that gives you free access to movies, TV shows, and more. Without exception, there are constant ads too when streaming content on this platform. All titles are well organized into different genres and themes on the CW Network. This service is compatible with smart TVs and mobile devices through apps.

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As the most popular online video platform of all time, YouTube is certainly a must-watch Freevee alternative, with a large collection of movies to stream for free. On the Explore section, locate the Movies & TV, and you will find a list of movies free with ads. Alternatively, you can purchase them for watching ad-free.

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FilmRise is an ad-supported streaming platform that provides over 20000 films and TV shows for free. FilmRise divides its content into two categories: films and television. In the TV section, you can find featured, anime, classics, comedy, creators, kids & family, and reality channels. In the film section, there are titles of featured, music, and documentaries. The FilmRise app is available on Smart TVs and gaming consoles. Or you can download the app on your smartphone for free streaming from the App Store or Google Play. It is not available on the website browser.

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This post introduces 12 streaming sites to watch movies and TV shows for free as alternatives to Freevee. Each comes with a wide range of library of films focusing on different genres. You will encounter constant ads when streaming on these sites just like on Freevee, but luckily some offer an ad-free plan. The content is accessible online through devices including smartphones, tablets, streaming players, smart TVs, and web browsers. If you prefer to watch movies from such streaming services offline, you may consider CleverGet All-In-One video downloader for downloading hassle-free and removing ads from videos.


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