The Best Action Movies & Most Anticipated Action Movies in 2024

I believe that many of you love watching movies, especially action movies, because they can bring us excitement and happiness, so I will share a lot of information about watching best action movies in 2024 for you, and then you can watch them with your family and friends.

Part 1: Where Can I Stream Action Movies?

Below we will share some streaming sites with you to help you watch lots of available action movies online legally.

Streaming platforms for action movies for free

1. Crackle – a fantastic and free streaming website that offers you many different kinds of movies including best action movies to stream. Crackle has many advertisements, but it allows you to enjoy movies without a fee, which is so wonderful.

2. Tubi – With an extensive range of films and TV shows, Tubi provides you so many action movies. It’s free, legal and supported by ads, making it a great choice for someone who likes movies.

3. Pluto TV – It provides live TV channels along with the movie part. Pluto TV has a dedicated action channel, offering action movies around the clock for free.

Streaming platforms for action movies on paid

1. Netflix – the leading streaming site with many top action movies, including blockbusters, classics, and Netflix originals. It requires us to subscribe, but the quality of the content makes it a good investment for us.

2. Amazon Prime Video – It offers Prime members many movies to buy, and there’s a huge number of action movies for you to choose from. And it’s only available to Amazon Prime members.

3. Hulu – This famous site offers you a wide variety of movies including action movies. It is famous for being able to buy movies soon after they are released in theaters. But Hulu requires a monthly subscription, and there are many plans to choose from.

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Part 2: Best Action Movies to Watch Right Now

1. DUNE: PART TWO (Mar 1, 2024 Wide)

Run Time: 2h 46m
Box Office (Gross USA): $233.4M
Director: Denis Villeneuve
Rating: PG-13 (Strong violence | short, strong language | some suggestive content)

Dune: Part Two installment follows Paul Atredes’ mythological journey as he joins forces with Chani and the Freimans to avenge the bad guys who destroyed his family. Faced with a choice between the love of his life and the fate of the known universe, he struggles to prevent a terrible future that only he can foresee. The plot of this movie is so exciting and exciting that you can’t help but share your feelings with the people around you and leave a deep impression on you.

best action movies

2. TLOVE LIES BLEEDING (Mar 15, 2024 Wide)

Run Time: 1h 44m
Box Office (Gross USA): $5.6M
Director: Rose Glass
Rating: Rated R (Violence | language | horrifying images | nudity | sex)

Director Rose Glass delivers an exciting new love story; Lou, a reclusive gym manager, falls in love with Jackie, an ambitious bodybuilder who heads to Las Vegas to pursue her dream. But their love ignites violence and pulls them into the network of Lou’s crime family. Lust and violence collide to powerful flesh-and-pepper effect in “TLOVE LIES BLEEDING,” another wonderful addition to writer-director Rose Glass’s increasingly rich and outstanding body of work. The bare-bones ride is propelled by a masterful performance by Kristen Stewart, a burly Katy O ‘Brian and a lean, mean Ed Harris, who wear wigs and are a horror scene in their own right. And then I trust that you will want to share this good movie with others.

best action movies

3. LAND OF BAD (Mar 19, 2024)

Run Time: 1h 50m
Box Office (Gross USA): $4.6M
Director: William Eubank
Rating: R (Strong Bloody Violence|Language Throughout)

The film, which stars tells the story of a secret special forces operation in the southern Philippines that turns into an unexpected 48-hour battle for survival, which I found thrilling. An elite commando team is severely ambushed in enemy territory, and rookie officer Kinney is outnumbered but determined not to leave any casualties. In Kenney’s eyes, with the exception of a few key shots, the filmmakers mostly reduced the film’s villains to ordinary obstacles in an attempt to prove why they were actually the worst. Thanks to some exciting scenes and a clever mix of actors, LAND OF BAD remains a solid survival thriller despite its overall reliance on genre patterns.

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Part 3: The Most Anticipated Action Movies in 2024


Release Date: Apr 5, 2024 Wide
Original Language: English
Director: Dev Patel
Runtime: 113 mins

The original idea for Monkey Man came from the legend of Hanuman, a symbol of strength and courage, and it starred Dev Patel, an obscure young man who lived a poor life in an underground fight club. There he wore a gorilla mask every night and was painfully bloodied by the more popular boxers. After years of repressing his anger, Kidd finds a way into the city’s evil elite enclave. As childhood trauma grows, his mysterious scarred hands launch an explosive campaign of revenge against those who took everything from him.

action movie


Release Date: Apr 12, 2024 Wide
Language: English
Director: Alex Garland
Runtime: 1h 49m

Filmmaker Alex Garland follows a group of embedded journalists in a race against time through a dystopian future America before insurgents attack the White House. Designed to be both tough and disturbing, Civil War is a gripping close-up of the violent uncertainty of life in a nation in crisis. “Civil War” develops in a way that makes you forget about a movie of this scale – empathizing with its lead character and dark, wandering intelligence, but at the same time throwing yourself wholeheartedly into every moment that excites audiences. As a political statement, “Civil War” is provocative, sometimes even irritating; As a pure cinematic experience, it’s an urgent, heart-wrenching, extraordinary one.

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Release Date: Apr 19, 2024 Limited
Original Language: French
Director: Martin Bourboulon
Runtime: 1h 54m

Eva Green has played everything from Alexander Dumas to the baddest badass on Earth. If you want mature, over-the-top action from Eva Green, then this is what you’re looking for. I liked the first one better, but in my opinion, this one has a better pace and is always moving forward – in fact, it’s two hours long and the time goes by quickly. The only thing that worries me right now is the third part. This movie is known for its great film making, and its complex narrative, ground-breaking visuals and intense action sequences are expected to make it a must see for film lovers like you and me. So we can make an decision to watch this wonderful action movie together in April and share ideas with each other together.

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Release Date: Apr 10, 2024 Limited
Original Language: Hindi
Director: Ali Abbas Zafar
Runtime: 2h 40m

You can imagine how terrible it is when a masked enemy rises within the country by stealing the country’s most dangerous weapons, and those weapons are ruthlessly aimed at the military. Colonel AZAD find two legendary figures from his troops: the brooding BADE MIYAN and the proud CHOTE MIYAN. What follows is a heart-pounding action movie experience that shows that Bud Choate’s unparalleled friendship and courage as they work to restore justice and their relationship, making it a movie you can’t miss.

action movie


Release Date: Apr 19, 2024 Wide
Original Language: English
Director: David Zellner
Runtime: 1h 29m

In the foggy forests of North America, a Sasquatch family focuses on a magical, hilarious, and ultimately warming journey over the course of a year. These furry and noble giants fight for survival as they find themselves in conflict with the changing world around them. For those who enjoy the Zellners’ unique perspective, the film offers a moving, if often incomprehensible, look at our relationship with the natural world. While the film showcases impressive artistry, this mysterious comedy is often confusing, and its constant humor is a test of our patience. So this is also a good movie for you to enjoy with your family and friends.

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The End
Each of these films represents the diversity and evolving phenomenon of the action movies, from cyberpunk thrillers and epic adventures to political dramas and science fiction sagas. They blend interesting stories, dynamic characters and groundbreaking visuals that are ready to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact on the cinema area. The anticipation for these films continues in 2024, which promises to be a year full of thrilling movie experiences.


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