How to uninstall the CleverGet?

Uninstalling and reinstalling software must be a good choice to refresh the software when you meet issues. This is a great first step to follow when programs stop acting as they should; we find that most issues will be fixed after this process. This tutorial provides instructions for uninstalling the CleverGet on Windows.

Step 1: Open "Control Panel"

The ways to open "Control Panel" differ according to operation system.

Step 2: Enter the "Uninstall a program" Panel

In the new window, find the "Uninstall" option and click to enter the "Programs and Features" panel.

Step 3: Start to Remove CleverGet

In the "Programs and Features" panel, scroll down until you see the Cleverget program. Hang the mouse on the CleverGet icon and right click. Choose "Uninstall".

In the pop-out window, click "Yes" to start uninstalling the CleverGet.


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