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How to Watch 4K on Netflix? Best 4K Movies on Netflix Right Now

“Does Netflix stream in 4K? Can you watch 4K movies on Netflix site? Where to find Netflix 4K movies and how to watch 4K on Netflix?”

If you are a Netflix subscriber, you might also be wondering about watching Netflix 4K movies. 4K has a resolution of 3840×2160. That’s a lot more pixels in the overall image – totaling over 8 million pixels. As always, the higher the resolution, the sharper the picture will be. With the fast development of digital video, more and more streaming services have been starting to provide 4K content streaming. Therefore, many people have been wondering whether or not they can watch 4K movies on Netflix. Here in this post, we would like to show you things about Netflix 4K and help you get extraordinary digital movie watching experience on Netflix.

Part 1: Does Netflix Stream in 4K? How to Watch 4K on Netflix?

Before we proceed, let’s answer a list of related questions and then give these questions frank answers.

netflix 4k

1. Does Netflix stream in 4K?

Yes, Netflix does stream 4K content. But not all subscription plans could include 4K content. There are quite a few requirements for Netflix 4K movies streaming, such as your device display resolution, your internet connection, etc. If your device does not have 4K screen display, or your internet connection is slower than 15 Mbps, Netflix will stream videos at a lower quality for smooth playback and clear picture. Meanwhile, not all Netflix movies are available in 4K resolution.

2. Can you watch 4K movies on Netflix?

That depends, since Netflix’s 4K movie streaming has quite a few requirements. Only when you have reached these requirements can you watch 4K movies on Netflix. These requirements include:


  1. You must be a Premium subscriber. Other subscription plans only provide FHD 1080P video streaming.
  2. Your device screen must be a 4K screen. Though you might be able to stream Netflix 4K movies on 1080P screen, the quality might not be that satisfying.
  3. Your internet connection must be 15 Mbps at minimum. Netflix will recommend video streaming at a lower resolution for slow internet connection.
  4. Meanwhile, make sure you have enabled 4K content streaming in the Settings panel.

At last, whether or not can you watch 4K movies on Netflix depends on the video source. If the source videos are available in 4K, you can get access to Netflix 4K streaming.

3. Where to find Netflix 4K movies?

That’s the trouble thing since Netflix doesn’t put together a 4K or UltraHD category. So finding 4K content isn’t as streamlined as it should be. To find 4K movies or TV series on your computer, you need to go to the Netflix website and use “4K” or “UltraHD” as search terms. Meanwhile, the details page of a title shows the video and audio quality of the title as it plays on your device. A movie may be available in 4K, but if your device is only 1080p the details will show HD rather than 4K and the title will play at 1080p. In such case, you could take a test of these movies: Black Island, 1922, After Maria, and Birders, which are available at 4K resolution and will show the 4K label if they can play at that resolution on your device.

4. How to play 4K movies on Netflix?

This is actually your issue since Netflix will consider quite a few things before it shows the 4K label for you to play 4K movies on Netflix. But you can do one thing to make sure that you can play 4K movies on Netflix once you have met all the requirements. That’s to make the right settings. Go to Playback Settings for the profile you want to watch with and make sure Data usage per screen is set for the target quality (4K: High or Auto).

Besides directly watching 4K movies on Netflix website, you could also make use of a 3rd-party Netflix video downloader to download other Netflix movies and then watch them on various screens or play them on Free Blu-ray Player at will.

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Part 2: Is Netflix 4K Worth It? Netflix Plan Comparison

When you ask whether or not is Netflix 4K worth it, you are actually talking about the Netflix subscription plans. This is actually highly dependent on the size of your TV. If you have a very big-size TV that comes with a 4K screen and plenty fast enough internet connection, Netflix 4K will be suitable for you since it indeed brings much more colorful images, though regular viewers can’t even really tell the difference most of the time between FHD and 4K. If your hardware configuration and internet connection are not qualified, without a doubt, there is no necessity for Netflix 4K, not to mention the higher cost of the Premium plan every month.

Netflix offers a variety of plans to meet your entertainment needs. As a Netflix member, you are charged monthly on the date you signed up. A Netflix account is for people who live together in a single household. The below table sums up the features and costs of different Netflix subscription plans. You could check the details about the Netflix 4K plan before you decide whether or not it’s worth your dollar.

Subscription Plan Features
Standard with ads
  • Ad-supported, all but a few movies and TV shows available, unlimited mobile games.
  • Watch on 2 supported devices at a time.
  • Watch in Full HD.
  • Price: $6.99/month
  • Unlimited ad-free movies, TV shows, and mobile games.
  • Watch on 2 supported devices at a time.
  • Watch in Full HD.
  • Download on 2 supported devices at a time.
  • Option to add 1 extra member who doesn’t live with you.
  • Price: $15.49/month (extra member slots can be added for $7.99 each/month)
  • Unlimited ad-free movies, TV shows, and mobile games.
  • Watch on 4 supported devices at a time.
  • Watch in Ultra HD.
  • Download on 6 supported devices at a time.
  • Option to add up to 2 extra members who don’t live with you.
  • Netflix spatial audio.
  • Price: $22.99/month (extra member slots can be added for $7.99 each/month)

It should be noted that the Basic plan is no longer available for new or rejoining members. If you are currently on the Basic plan, you can remain on this plan until you change plans or cancel your account. The above table shows the price in the USA. Depending on where you live, you may be charged taxes in addition to your subscription price.

Part 3: Best 4K Movies on Netflix Right Now

Netflix has thousands of movies in its streaming library but not all of them can be streamed in 4k Ultra HD. And, some of those titles stream with Dolby Vision which expands the color depth on TVs and screens that support HDR. Here we have collected a list of best 4K movies on Netflix to watch right now.

1. Extraction 2 (2023)

Mercenary Tyler Rake has accepted his next mission which is a challenging one. He has to rescue the family of a crime syndicate leader from a prison complex. With the help of his two associates, Tyler launches the rescue operation overcoming strong resistance from adversaries.

netflix 4k movie - extraction 2

2. All Quiet on the Western Front (2022)

The story follows teenagers Paul B?umer and his friends Albert and Müller, who voluntarily enlist in the German army, riding a wave of patriotic fervor that quickly dissipates once they face the brutal realities of life on the front. Paul’s preconceptions about the enemy and the rights and wrongs of the conflict soon crumble. However, amid the countdown to the armistice, Paul must carry on fighting until the end, with no purpose other than to satisfy the top brass’ desire to end the war on a German offensive.

netflix 4k movie - all quiet on the weatern front

3. Red Notice (2021)

Red Notice is a Netflix Original movie and one of the best 4K HDR movies on Netflix that you do not want to miss. The movie is also offered with Dolby Atmos multi-channel audio in Ultra HD. Helmed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, the action film boasts an all-star cast with Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot. Red Notice became popular among the fans, and when you combine the outstanding sound work and excellent visuals of this movie, it makes for a great experience to watch in 4K.

netflix 4k movie - red notice

4. The Adam Project (2022)

The Adam Project is a family-friendly movie that provides a great home theater experience. The movie streams in 4k with Dolby Vision HDR and includes some really sharp imagery and color depth, especially in its special effects. Audio is provided with Spatial Audio effects on supporting devices. This movie is about a time-traveling pilot who teams up with his younger self and his late father to come to terms with his past while saving the future.

netflix 4k movie - the adam project

5. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022)

Five long-time friends are invited to the Greek island home of billionaire Miles Bron. All five know Bron from way back and owe their current wealth, fame, and careers to him. The main event is a murder-weekend game with Bron to be the victim. In reality, they all have reasons to kill him. Also invited is Benoit Blanc, the world’s greatest detective.

netflix 4k movie - glass onion


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