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Is AniWave safe to use? – Best AniWave Alternatives


    Everything you need to know about AniWave. Is it safe to browse? Best alternatives? Read on to discover more ditails of AniWave.

AniWave is quite a popular anime website, where you can stream the latest anime shows and movies for free. However, there can be pop-up advertisements and redirects from time to time when watching amines on this website. In addition, it can be shut down at any time due to copyright infringement. In that case, you will need an alternative anime website. This post will recommend several alternatives to AniWave.

Part 1: What is AniWave?

AniWave is an anime stream website offering free anime shows and movies. You can enjoy the latest as well as the classic anime content on the AniWave website with any device. If you access the AniWave interface, you may notice that it looks the same as 9anime s interface. That s because AniWave is a rebranded website of 9anime, which was also a free anime streaming website that was closed down last year.


Part 2: Is AniWave Safe?

Generally, AniWave is safe to use. However, it is not a legitimate streaming platform, where anime shows and movies are unlawfully streamed without official authorization from the copyright owners. Therefore, AniWave can get prosecuted and shut down at any time just like its predecessor 9anime. It is only a matter of time before when is AniWave down. Besides, it does not support downloads for offline watching, which is quite a bummer.
In addition, there are pop-up advertisements from time to time for profits in AniWave, just like many other free streaming sites. If you click on those ads by accident, you may be redirected to less secure sites. In that case, chances are your device s safety is compromised.

Part 3: Best Alternatives to AniWave

Given that AniWave may vanish at any time due to copyright infringement, and may bring risks to your devices from the pop-up ads, it s suggested that you have several alternative sites to AniWave saved in your bookmark just in case. We ve listed several AniWave alternatives that provide just as much anime as AniWave does so that you stay tuned in to the latest anime show hassle-free.


As one of the biggest streaming services, Netflix, of course, offers a wide range of anime collections from classic series to the most trending anime such as My Hero Academia”. So long as you subscribe to a Netflix plan, you may enjoy anime shows at any time without any possible risks to your devices. Meanwhile, you may download anime shows from Netflix for offline watching. There are two types of subscription plans with different limits to downloads. Ad-free plans ($15.49 / month) support up to 100 downloads, while ad-supported plans ($6.99 / month) to 15 downloads on one device only per month. In addition, not all anime content is available for download. If you don’t see a Download icon next to a video you’d watch offline, that means the video can’t be downloaded directly, or that your device simply does not support download.



Crunchyroll is another popular AniWave alternative due to its extensive library of anime content including the latest releases such as Demon Slayer”. It is a paid streaming service starting at $7.99 / month, but you should not worry about spending money on it, because it is completely licensed and legal, unlike many other anime streaming websites that could shut down out of nowhere. Crunchyroll supports all kinds of devices on the market including smartphones, smart TVs, media players, and gaming consoles so that you can enjoy anime anywhere. It is a completely ad-free platform, so the safety of your devices is ensured. Crunchyroll allows downloads for offline viewing, but not all titles are available for so. If the download button below the video is grey, that means you are not able to download it directly.



If you prefer sticking to watching anime free of cost, you may consider AnimeFreak, a free streaming website with a vast library of over 10000 anime shows and movies. AnimeFreak has an interface similar to what AniWave does, which makes it easy for AniWave users to switch to AnimeFreak. Meanwhile, this free AniWave alternative site has the same problems as AniWave does too, such as bombarding ads. AnimeFreak worked fine until the day this post was published. Still, such a website is risking copyright infringement. In addition, it does not support downloading anime to watch later.



AniWatch is also a free online anime streaming site with a top-notch interface similar to AniWave. What makes it outstanding among many other anime streaming sites is that it built a community for anime fans where you can discuss your favorite anime shows with other AniWatch users. Another unique feature is Watch2gether, where you can stream anime with other AniWatch users simultaneously and chat with them. Such features attract a bunch of anime enthusiasts. However, like any other free site, there are constant ads and redirects



As an anime lover, you should not miss out on Anime-Planet. It not only offers more than 40000 legal anime episodes for free streaming but also an extensive library of manga, webtoons, and light novels. All content is well sorted out and you can easily access what you like to watch using the filters. Here you can create a list of anime you’ve seen, and a list of anime to watch. There is even a ranking on the top loved and top hated characters. In addition, there are different communities where you may discuss everything about anime or manga. Like other free anime sites, Anime-Planet is riddled with pop-up ads.



GoGoAnime offers thousands of hours of online anime shows and movies at no cost. Here are not only popular Japanese anime but also Chinese and Korean ones. With a quite simple interface, still you can quickly access your desired amine content. Some are dubbed and subtitle-free for a better viewing experience. However, since there are too many redirects and ads on this site, it can be blocked easily.


Part 4: How to Download Anime for Offline Playback?

For those who like to watch anime offline on AniWave, it s a pity that there is no direct AniWave download anime. It supports online streaming only. Whilst, the two AniWave alternatives, Netflix and Crunchyroll allow downloads. However, there are download limits in different subscription plans and some anime shows are unavailable for download. If you encounter such problems, CleverGet All-In-One online video downloader is the go-to solution. As the best anime video downloader on the market, CleverGet All-In-One Downloader allows you to download anime episodes without any limits.

  • CleverGet All-In-One
  • CleverGet All-In-One

    – Built-in browser for easy redirecting to video links.
    – Download high-quality anime videos at high speed.
    – Download TV series episodes of all/certain seasons at once.
    – Automatically detect and list all episodes of anime shows for download in one click.

With this versatile and reliable downloader, you can now easily download any anime episodes from all sorts of anime streaming services for offline playback on any device you d like. Here is an example of downloading from Crunchyroll:

Step 1: Download and install CleverGet All-In-One Downloader

Access the CleverGet official website. Download the installation package compatible with your computer and install it.

Step 2: Change download settings if necessary

Go to settings and set the output directory before downloading anime videos.


Step 3: Access the anime stream link

Copy and paste the Crunchyroll anime streaming video URL in the address bar and access the link.


Step 4: Click the download icon and go to download options

Hit Play and there will be a blue download icon at the bottom right corner of the video page. Click it and go to download options.


Step 5. Select download options and start downloading the anime videos.

Once the downloads are completed, you can send the output video to your device for offline watching.



AniWave, like any other free streaming website with no authorization from the copyright owners, could be closed down at any time. Let alone the constant ads keep distracting you from watching your favorite shows and bring risks to your device. So it is best to have several alternative websites to AniWave. This article introduces the six best AniWave alternatives, including paid and free ones for your preference. They allow you to stream tons of anime shows and movies online. If you d prefer to watch anime offline, CleverGet All-In-One Downloader can help you with that. Simply copy and paste the video link on the CleverGet Downloader browser, and it will detect and download the video automatically for offline playback at any time.


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