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Where Can I Watch Skam Show Online?

If you like to watch TV shows, you may have heard of Skam Show, which has a great impact on the international news. If you want to know why it is so popular and how many versions are there, or wonder where to watch Skam show online, I will explain to you some questions related to it.

Part 1: Briefly Know About Skam

Skam is a Norwegian teen tv shows that has gained much international acclaim for its special storytelling style and realistic way of teenage life. Every season of the cast of Skam focuses on a different main character, and you can learn much about their inner lives and many challenges they faced or you faced before. The good points of this show are its ability to deal with so many complex problems such as the mental health, sexuality, religious identity and the sensitivities of the whole society.

skam show

And I will briefly introduce 4 seasons for you. Season 1 mainly focuses on the theme of Eva Kviig Mohn, finding loneliness, betrayal and your own identity under the pressure, and you may learn something from it. Season 2 changes the focus to Noora Amalie Sætre, seeking into the problems of feminism, relationships or the consent, which is greatly showing a strong-willed character who stands up for her beliefs. Season 3 maybe the most influential season yet, with the main character Isak Valtersen dealing with problems of homosexuality, mental illness, and the self-acceptance. This season is known for its representation of LGBT relationships, making a great contribution to an open and honest discussion among most people from different countries.

The Season 4 follows Sana Bakkoush, about a girl’s experiences dealing with her faith, friendship and the prejudice she faces in the society and her life, and some people may face the similar problems like her and you can get some ideas from it. Even though Skam show ended after its fourth season, its influence keeps going. It has inspired so many international adaptations, each combining the local culture with the original one. These adaptations show more common topics of the show and the global relevance of its image of teenage life.

Part 2: How Many Versions of Skam Show?

The TV series Skam has been very popular not only in Norway but also internationally, showing many adaptations across cultures and languages such as below these.


  1. Skam France/Belgique (France and Belgium). The French adaptation is one of the most successful ones of the Skam. And the show came out in February 2018 and produced several more seasons after season 4, which is continuing to find more new characters and themes for our good viewing experience.
  2. Druck (Germany). It was praised for dealing with socially relevant issues and keeping real to the essence of the original show, and you can find something fun in it.
  3. Skam Italia (Italy). It showed in March 2018 and got a huge following. Like some other shows of its kind, it goes beyond the original four seasons’ basic of the Norwegian series, and you will feel something creative and different from it.
  4. Skam Espana (Spain). Starting in September 2018, Skam españa also begins a new storyline after finishing the story of the original ones, and you can watch something about its local culture.
  5. WTFOCK (Belgium). While closely following the original story, it also aims to start with local audiences, which is very new to most of people and you can learn more about the whole society.
  6. Skam NL (Netherlands). This Dutch adaptation started in September 2018 to have many good reviews, but unlike some other versions, it didn’t continue beyond its seasons, and it may make somebody feel sad.
  7. Skam Austin (United States). Launched on Facebook Watch in April 2018, this version from the United States uses the platform’s social media to improve the real time new experience, and you may like it very much if you like the culture of this country.

Each adaptation adds some special parts to its culture, focusing on the themes and social problems that are related with you and me. The different Skam shows are not just translations of the original ones; Because they often show some region-specific styles while keeping the main points of Skam such as the realism and youth. The implications of these international versions are so different, and they help to show the awareness of youth issues worldwide, promoting the cultural understanding and providing some unique experiences for you and me.

Part 3: Where Can I Watch Skam Show?

You may want to know where can I watch Skam, but before that I want to say Skam has won international acclaim for its realistic style of the teenage life, and whether you are a new viewer eager to find the fascinating world of Skam or a fan want to explore something, there are many viewing options to choose from to suit your preferences.

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Fans in Tumblr has collected all the Skam show videos and uploaded them on somewhere. They have provided different adaptations with English subtitles by different translator teams. If you find the show you’re interested, you can use CleverGet Video Downloader to download episodes for offline viewing.

watch skam


The original Norwegian series, simply called “Skam”, is where it all began. While it is not always easy for you to find, some seasons and clips may be available on the platforms like Dailymotion. However, Dailymotion content may vary by region, so availability may depend on your location. You can try to use a Dailymotion downloader to watch its videos offline without ads.

watch skam


The ubiquitous video-sharing platform YouTube is another potential source of “Skam.” Some fan-run channels voluntarily upload episodes and clips, often with subtitles in various languages. However, these uploads are not always official and may be removed.

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Streaming giant Netflix has released several adaptations of “Skam” such as “Skam France” and “Skam Italy.” The availability of these shows on Netflix varies from country to country, and not all adaptations are available on the platform. You can search for “Skam” on Netflix in your area to see what’s available.

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France TV Slash

Each adaptation brings a unique flavor that reflects its cultural background. “Skam France,” for example, has been running for several seasons, delving deeper into the lives of its characters. The French version can be found on France TV Slash’s website and occasionally on YouTube.

watch skam

Part 4: FAQs

  • 1. Which version of “Skam” is most recommended?
    This question is very subjective and often depends on your preferences and cultural connections. The original Norwegian “Skam” is highly recommended for those who haven’t seen it yet, as it sets the template for all the other versions. Its authentic portrayal of teenage life has a raw and moving quality that has captured the hearts of audiences around the world. For non-Norwegian speakers, except the widely praised Druck, Skam France is a popular choice because of the quality of the production, the multi-season run time, the more in-depth exploration of character development, and the fact that you can easily see English subtitles.
  • 2. What are the differences between the different adaptations of Skam?
    Although the core plot and character archetypes of Skam have been retained in different adaptations, each version has adapted the story to local Settings. This includes addressing social issues in specific areas, incorporating local slang, changing characters’ ethnic backgrounds, and sometimes modifying storylines to better resonate with local audiences. For example, “Skam Italia” emphasizes family dynamics and Catholic influences in Italy, while “Druck” reflects German youth culture in the vibrant city of Berlin, and “Skam Espana” includes discussions relevant to Spanish society, such as feminism and LGBTQ+ representation.
  • 3. Is the show suitable for all ages?
    “Skam” is primarily aimed at teens and young adults and deals with mature topics such as mental health, sexual identity, substance abuse and relationship dynamics. The content is well crafted, realistic and thought-provoking. Due to the depiction of these sensitive topics, young viewers are advised to watch under the guidance of their parents.
  • 4. Can I watch Skam if I don’t speak the original or adapted language?
    Yes, many versions of “Skam,” including the original, come with subtitles in various languages. Fans around the world have worked hard to provide translations for the show to ensure that the show is accessible to a wide international audience. Always look for official or fan subtitles that fit your language preferences.
  • 5. Is a new adaptation of Skam still in the works?
    The production of the new Skam adaptation relied heavily on the popularity of the existing version and the interest of international broadcasters in creating their own versions. You can keep an eye on entertainment news sources for the latest releases or additional seasons of current adaptations.
  • 6. How does “Skam” deal with representation and diversity?
    “Skam” has been praised for its inclusive casting and narrative approach. The show deals with issues such as racism, mental illness and sexual orientation in subtle and sensitive ways. Each adaptation is making strides to reflect the diversity of its society, although the degree of inclusion may vary depending on cultural norms and broadcasting regulations in their respective countries.


All in all, Skam and its adaptations have a compelling story and one you won’t want to miss. CleverGet All-in-One with its CleverGet video download allows you to download your favorite episodes. Whether you love the original Norwegian series or one of its many international siblings shows, platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, Netflix and more are gateways to the colorful world of “Skam.” But we should always respect the rights of the creators and enjoy watching.


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