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5 Best OnlyFans Downloader Chrome Extensions for OnlyFans Video Download


    This blog will recommend the 5 best OnlyFans downloader Chrome extension tools to help you save OnlyFans videos with ease.

With a huge library that covers content in various niches, OnlyFans is one of the most popular platforms to look for hundreds of millions of videos. However, the subscription-only platform does not allow you to download its videos directly. So can you save OnlyFans videos? How to save OnlyFans videos easily? This blog will recommend the 5 best OnlyFans downloader Chrome extension tools. Just check them out.

Part 1: 5 Best OnlyFans Downloader Chrome Extensions

If you just want to download OnlyFans videos once or twice, then an OnlyFans downloader Chrome extension can be the best tool that comes in handy. Don’t know which one to use? Here we’ve concluded the 5 best OnlyFans downloader extension options. Don’t miss out.

1.Downloader for OnlyFans

When it comes to the most popular OnlyFans video downloader extension,
Downloader for OnlyFans is the one you should check out. Compatible with Chrome, the OnlyFans downloader extension allows you to save OnlyFans videos easily. You can’t find it on the Chrome Web Store because it has been permanently removed, but the downloader can be located on Chrome-stats with the latest version at 4.5.14.

Once you install the OnlyFans downloader Chrome extension to your browser, it will automatically add a download button for OnlyFans images and videos. Just click on the button to save the OnlyFans content directly. However, the OnlyFans downloader extension has had no updates for almost 2 years, so you might need to be careful when you install it. There could be tons of bugs unfixed.


  • Simple OnlyFans downloader Chrome extension
  • Easy to use
  • 100% free


  • No updates for a long time
  • No bulk processing

2.Bulk OnlyFans Downloader

Want to download OnlyFans videos in batches? Bulk OnlyFans Downloader is a solid choice. The free OnlyFans downloader extension can export downloadable links from OnlyFans performers. Specifically, it can scrape all posts on an account you are subscribed to and export all videos, images, and audio to a JSON file fast and free.

For those who want to download an entire OnlyFans account, the OnlyFans downloader extension is a simple yet powerful choice. Just head to a user’s profile that you’ve subscribed to and click the download button to save all the content. The OnlyFans downloader Chrome extension usually works pretty fast, but it also depends on the number of files you want to download.


  • Bulk processing
  • Free OnlyFans video downloader extension
  • Save all types of content


  • Unstable download speed
  • Compatible with Chrome only

3.OnlyFans DL

OnlyFans DL is another OnlyFans downloader Chrome extension that is worth checking out. The OnlyFans downloader extension is capable of capturing all the DRM-protected videos from OnlyFans, allowing users to access and save such content in MP4 for offline viewing while compliance with DRM usage restrictions is fully guaranteed.

Similarly, the OnlyFans video downloader extension can’t be located on the Chrome Web Store. But you can just head to its official website to get the download link. While the basic version allows you to download homepage DRM videos, messages DRM videos, and homepage pictures easily, the advanced version lets you bulk download all content without limit.


  • Fast OnlyFans downloader extension
  • Batch downloads available
  • Capture DRM-protected content


  • Not a free OnlyFans downloader Chrome extension
  • Pay to unlock advanced features

4.Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is another great OnlyFans downloader extension available for Chrome and Firefox. The OnlyFans downloader Chrome extension will detect the source of OnlyFans videos and provide download paths automatically. Video DownloadHelper not only works for OnlyFans but also a wide variety of video-sharing sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and more, making it a solid choice to download online videos of all sorts.

With this extension, you can download OnlyFans videos to MP4, WEBM, etc. easily. However, the OnlyFans downloader Chrome extension requires you to install another app to make the download tasks work, which could be a bit inconvenient. You can download OnlyFans videos from the accounts you subscribed to. Overall, the extension works pretty efficiently and the video downloaded has a rather decent quality.


  • Powerful OnlyFans downloader Chrome extension
  • Compatible with Firefox
  • Fast and free


  • Can be tricky to use for beginners

5.Video Downloader Online

Video Downloader Online is a useful OnlyFans downloader Chrome extension compatible with Chrome. You can download videos from OnlyFans and save them to various formats like MP4, FLV, WEBM, MOV, MKV, etc. directly. The extension can be found on the Chrome Web Store at the time. You can download your favorite OnlyFans videos with guaranteed video quality at fast speeds.

Once you install the OnlyFans downloader extension on your Chrome, you can find a download arrow that notifies you of the video available for download. Simply click the arrow to save your favorite OnlyFans videos instantly. Supporting a good variety of websites such as Facebook, Twitch, and more, the downloader extension is perfect for downloading any video you like for offline playback.


  • Free OnlyFans downloader Chrome extension
  • Intuitive to use
  • Support all mainstream platforms


  • Glitches sometimes
  • Compatible with Chrome only

Part 2: Comparison Among 5 Best OnlyFans Downloaders Chrome Extensions

Now you know the 5 best OnlyFans downloader Chrome extensions. So which one should you use? It depends on your needs. For those who just want to download OnlyFans videos occasionally, just pick anyone and it will work. But if you want to download multiple videos and even scrape all content from an account directly, then an OnlyFans downloader Chrome extension that supports batch processing is vital.

All 5 OnlyFans downloader extensions prove to be effective. To help you make a better choice, we have made a detailed comparison, just check it out.

Downloader for OnlyFans Bulk OnlyFans Downloader OnlyFans DL Video DownloadHelper Video Downloader Online
Download OnlyFans DRM video & videos from Message YES YES YES NO NO
Download videos from search results NO NO NO NO NO
HD quality Up to 720p 720p Up to 1080p Up to 1080p Up to 720p
Batch Mode NO YES Pay to unlock NO NO
Supported format MP4 MP4 MP4 MP4, WEBM MP4, FLV, F4V, WEBM, MOV, MKV, etc.
Downloading Speed Medium Fast Fast Medium Medium
Shadowbanned report Sometimes Not yet Not yet Not yet Not yet

Part 3: Best Alternative for OnlyFans Downloader Chrome Extension

With the OnlyFans downloader Chrome extensions above, it’s super easy to download videos from OnlyFans. However, please mind that the downloader extensions can be not as stable as you expected. Your browser and network condition are highly relevant to the download speed. You might fail to download the OnlyFans video eventually after trials. In addition, these OnlyFans downloader Chrome extensions could get banned by Google at any time.

Hence, you might want to find an OnlyFans downloader Chrome extension alternative instead, and CleverGet OnlyFans Downloader is the best OnlyFans downloader to check out. The professional program can help you save everything on OnlyFans in MP4 with up to 1080p HD resolution. Want to download multiple videos? No problem, you can save 5 videos simultaneously with the batch download feature. All information like titles, formats, etc. will be preserved in the downloaded files.

  • CleverGet OnlyFans Downloader
  • CleverGet OnlyFans Downloader

    1. Download OnlyFans Movies and Series with Multi-language Subtitles and Audio Tracks on PC
    2. Up to 1080P 60fps OnlyFans Video Downloading with 320kbps Audio Quality
    3. Save Subtitles as Independent SRT/SUP Files or Remux Into Output Video
    4. Smarter Downloading Settings
    5. 1-Click to Play Downloaded OnlyFans Videos in Batch
    6. Provide Precise OnlyFans Video Info

CleverGet OnlyFans Downloader is a module of CleverGet, the most comprehensive video downloader that allows you to download online videos of all sorts. You can also use its free version to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and many more free streaming sites. For those who want to download videos from paid streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc., CleverGet also has you covered. Just upgrade to the premium services to enjoy unlimited video downloads!

Part 4: FAQs about OnlyFans Downloader Chrome Extension

The previous parts have introduced the 5 best OnlyFans downloader Chrome extension choices as well as the top OnlyFans video downloader on the block. You can just pick the one that suits you the best. But if you still have doubts, here are the frequently asked questions to clear things up.

  • 1.Is it legal to download videos with an OnlyFans downloader Chrome extension?
    Generally speaking, it is legal to download OnlyFans videos with an OnlyFans downloader extension for personal use. But if you distribute the content for commercial purposes, then you have infringed the creators’ copyrights.
  • 2.Can you download videos from OnlyFans Messages?
    Yes, you can download videos from OnlyFans messages with an OnlyFans downloader Chrome extension that supports the feature.
  • 3.Is it safe to download videos from OnlyFans?
    If you download videos with the OnlyFans downloader Chrome extension options above then it should be safe overall. Just mind that some extensions could have unfixed bugs. And CleverGet OnlyFans Downloader is supposed to be the most secure one. The software has no ads or malware. It is 100% clean and safe.
  • 4.Can I download OnlyFans videos for free?
    It depends. But most OnlyFans videos need to be unlocked with a subscription. And some OnlyFans downloader Chrome extensions also need a subscription to access advanced features.


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