12 Best OnlyFans Alternatives to Make Money


    Want to increase your online income sources but only using OnlyFans? Then, it’s time to learn about some new best OnlyFans alternatives to make money online.

Need to monetize the content you created and also connect with the audience? Of course, OnlyFans is riveting, but it is not the only choice. In this article, we will discuss 12 other places that can supplement your plans of making money online. We will cover subscription as well as free models, and you will find out which platform you want to use. Whether you’re an artist, writer, or creator, we’ll guide you to choose the appropriate platform for the kind of work you do. Let’s make money with the content you create and grow your audience. Keep on reading to find the most profitable free Onlyfans alternatives that will allow you to get income by doing what you like.

Part 1: Why Do You Need an OnlyFans Alternative?

The choice of OnlyFans alternative is based on different reasons. First of all, a lot of criticism was directed at the platform when the initial change of policy was perceived as a threat to adult content creators. Although OnlyFans eventually reverted to its usual policy, a fear of betrayal prevalent among some creators continues to live on. In addition, the fees on OnlyFans are considered to be more than some users can afford and hence search for more affordable or free alternatives as an alternative.

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So, now let’s break down some best OnlyFans alternatives that you can use to better your experience.

Part 2: 12 Best OnlyFans Alternatives for Content Creators to Make Money

Here is the list of 12 Best OnlyFans alternatives for content creators to make money.

1. Fansly

As one of the best OnlyFans alternatives, Fansly is a subscription-based platform built to help content creators make money by giving out exclusive content to their fans. The creators are paid higher commissions by the platform as opposed to OnlyFans, and it has an interface that is user-friendly and facilitates easy comprehension and enjoyment of the distinct posts. Fansly also has tools and provides features that creators can use to grow their followers and raise earnings on similar grounds to OnlyFans.


2. MyFans

MyFans is a platform where content creators can sell their exclusive content to fans. MyFans is a popular website like OnlyFans for both people who make content and people who like to watch it. It’s easy to use and has many ways for content creators to make money from their content. If you’re a fan of MyFans and want to save your favorite videos to watch them later or when you’re offline, you can use CleverGet MyFans Downloader. This Fansly downloader is easy to use and helps you save and download videos quickly and conveniently. It’s a great tool for fans who want to keep their favorite videos for future viewing.


3. FanCentro

FanCentro is a platform that empowers content creators to earn money by donating to their fans through offering live shows, custom videos, and other exclusive content. The website has a more competitive commission rate when compared to OnlyFans and this means creators can earn more for the content that they are creating. FanCentro takes your security seriously and offers a secure payment platform where both the creators and the fans can pay and be paid in a safe and secure environment.


4. Manyvids

Manyvids is a free site like OnlyFans where content creators can put their exclusive content such as photos and videos allegedly to their payers directly. The platform provides a flexible pricing system and a variety of monetization opportunities, so a creator can select a pricing or monetization model either of which suits them best. Manyvids has also a user-friendly interface that has made it simple for fans to access and enjoy the exclusive grownups-only content. Moreover, Manyvids provides creators with platforms, tools, and resources to attract more fans and boost their earnings.


5. MYM.fans

At MYM.fans, content creators can sell out their exclusives to their followers and make money. It has a lower trading commission rate compared to the OnlyFans type of site, which translates into creators amassing more of the cash generated from the content sales. MYMY.fans also comes with a user-friendly interface that is simple for fans to use and get the content they love!


6. Fanvue

Fanvue is an OnlyFans alternative that video makers use to make money by sharing their exclusive content with paying fans. The commission rate is higher than with OnlyFans, which gives you an opportunity to make more money out of your content. Moreover, Fanvue has got a safe and secure payment system that ensures be it a fan or a content creator, you can either pay or receive money securely.


7. iFans

iFans is a platform designed to help creators earn by selling content privately to their fans. To set content creators free, it charges lower commissions in comparison to OnlyFans. As a result, there is more money for the creators from the sales of their content. In the same way, iFans enables the fans to use in a friendly environment that is user friendly so enjoy the exclusive content.


8. Okfans

Okfans is an alternative to OnlyFans that enables content creators to monetize by making unique content for their fans. It offers flexible pricing and an array of monetization options, the benefit of which is that creators can determine what sort of pricing and monetization settings they wish to employ and the ones they can afford. Also, Okfans is user-friendly so it is highly convenient for fans to access the amazing content.


9. Fanso

Fanso is a platform that allows content creators to generate income by offering their non-public content to their fans. It allows a lower commission than OnlyFans, which in turn means that creators will earn more money as they keep the majority of the revenue generated from the content sales. Also, Fanso features an intuitive and user-friendly interface that fans can utilize to access exclusive content.


10. FanTime

FanTime is another site like Onlyfans for content creators to make money by providing live shows or some exclusive content to their fans. It provides a fair and flexible pricing structure that offers a variety of monetization options, thus allowing creators to pick a pricing and monetization model that is most convenient for them. Moreover, FanTime offers a user-friendly interface, which facilitates fans to get access to and enjoy exclusive content.


11. StreamBee Buzz

StreamBee Buzz is a landing where content creators can make money by giving fans special content. This makes it the preferable OnlyFans alternative, as it charges a lower commission rate than the latter, therefore, creators get more of the proceeds from their content sales. The ultimate feature of StreamBee Buzz is having a user-friendly interface that allows the fans to access and consume the content with ease.


12. Scrile Connect

Scrile Connect is a platform that enables content creators to sell the content that they have sole possession of to the fans in the form of photos and videos. The lower fee structure than OnlyFans ensures that creators can keep a greater fraction of the profits generated from content sales. Scrile Connect features an interface that is easy to use and makes it effortless for fans to locate and enjoy the exclusive content. The platform also has in its kitty a very secure and risk-free payment system that allows both the creators as well as the fans to conduct their businesses without worry.



There is a vast diversity of advertising channels that content-makers can leverage to sell their exclusive content to devotees. Each platform has its unique features, pricing plans, and commission policy. Other platforms impose higher commission rates but provide more alternatives to cash in your content. Finally, the one that is a perfect fit for your requirements and preferences will be the best choice for you. It is a good suggestion to make a thorough analysis of the services and prices offered by each of the other sites like OnlyFans before opting for one to use. Remember that it is about the quality of the content you create and your ability to promote it and interact with fans so that you will make money.


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