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When is Girl from Nowhere Season 3 Coming Out & Release Date?

Released on Netflix, Girl from Nowhere is a Thai mystery thriller anthology TV show that has received approval ratings since 2018. The TV show is now confirmed with a season 3 coming up soon. So when exactly will Girl from Nowhere new season come back? Just read on to find out the latest updates and the best places to watch the show online.

Part 1: Will There Be Girl from Nowhere Season 3?

The first season of Girl from Nowhere was released in August 2018 on GMM25, a local Thai streaming platform and the second season of the series was released in May 2021 on Netflix with 8 episodes in total. Both seasons have received critical acclaim and some people have been asking if there is a Girl from Nowhere season 3 coming up.

So will there be a season 3? According to Netflix’s official outlet, season 3 of Girl from Nowhere has not been announced yet. But it seems it will soon be confirmed. Netflix usually waits at least a month or two before announcing if a show will be renewed or canceled. That is to say, you may see the announcement soon.

Girl from Nowhere is a popular series with many positive reviews worldwide, there is no reason that Netflix will give up on it. Just keep tabs on Netflix’s Twitter account and there should be an announcement coming up in future months.

Part 2: Girl from Nowhere Season 3 Release Date

When is Girl from Nowhere season 3 coming out exactly? Even though there has been no official announcement yet, there have been a few guesses about the Girl from Nowhere season 3 release date. By comparing the previous schedule, the most likely release date of Girl from Nowhere season 3 is 22, May 2023, with 8 episodes in total just like usual.

So who will be in the cast of Girl from Nowhere season 3? Chicha Amatayakul as Nanno will certainly be part of the show. Those who haven’t seen Girl from Nowhere might be asking: What is Nanno from Girl from Nowhere? She is the lead character, a mysterious and clever girl in the show. By revealing ugly truths, she will make sure there is no happy ending for every high school she shows up in.

Part 3: What Do We Expect in Girl from Nowhere Season 3?

Now you know the possible release date for Girl from Nowhere, so what is coming up in the new season? Let’s have a look back to the last season first. At the end of season 2, we have seen that teacher Waan stabs Nanno in a rage just before she gets killed by Junko. After that, Yuri tries to give Junko her blood to make her immortal. But when Junko and Yuri leave, Nanno looks down at them from the rooftop.

The story of Girl from Nowhere season 3 will be like the previous seasons because it is an anthology series. And here are a few guesses of what will be coming up in season 3.

1.More Suffering on Nanno

In the previous seasons, like the usual plots in most Thai scary movies, Nanno plays the victim and suffers all the tortures you can imagine. This looks particularly common in Asian horror movies, that is, female characters are inflicted, tortured, abused, and punished, often mentally and physically. Such visual spectacles will certainly again be adopted in the new season of Girl from Nowhere.

2.Nanno’s Identity?

Who is Nanno exactly? The mysterious girl has no origin and no story to track. So far we know she is no fan of flowers. And she is immortal as her blood can make Yuri come back to life. From the episode of season 2, it seems Nanno has 4 counterparts. All in all, it suggests that Nanno is not a normal human being but a goddess-like existence.

3.Coming After Yuri

As a foe of Nanno, Yuri is an important character in the Girl from Nowhere season 3. Technically she is a monster created by Nanno yet seems to be antagonistic, which sounds familiar in many vampire stories. Hence, we can expect in the new season, there will be a power struggle between the two characters and more exciting stories based on that.

4.More facets of Naano

In the Girl from Nowhere season 3, the plot might try to explore more facets of Naano, for instance, her human nature. In the previous seasons, she is not always a ruthless goddess of revenge all the time, as we can see in her romantic relationship and how she sympathizes with others. Season 3 of Girl from Nowhere will reveal more of Nanno’s personality that makes her human.

5.Extended Universe

In season 3 of Girl from Nowhere, there will be a grand narrative to explain the existence of Nanno. Why is she coming off as a goddess of revenge? Why is she immortal with her blood as a cure for death? How will she reveal more ugly truths? All of these need to be presented in an extended universe of time and space and you can expect that to happen in season 3.

Part 4: Where to Watch Girl from Nowhere?

As a show created by Netflix and local studios, Girl from Nowhere is certainly one of the most popular TV shows these years. Since this is a Netflix-exclusive show, the only legal platform to watch it is Netflix. So how to watch it? It’s easy, with a basic subscription, you can watch not only Girl from Nowhere but also global content all in one place.

Apart from Netflix, there are plenty of streaming sites that let you watch Girl from Nowhere for free. Here we’ve found the 2 best options and they are:


MyasianTV is a free streaming site that allows you to watch Girl from Nowhere full seasons with English subtitles. Each episode comes with at least 7 links for streaming, so you can pick one as per your needs. What’s more, you can download Girl from Nowhere directly. For those who like watching Korean dramas and TV shows online for free, MyasianTV is also a solid choice.


2.Thai Drama TV

Thai Drama TV is a free site that allows you to watch Girl from Nowhere with up to 720p resolution. The site is not only a dedicated streaming platform for Thai dramas but also dramas in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more. With a decent streaming speed and relatively fewer ads, Thai Drama TV is a good choice if you want to watch Girl from Nowhere online.


With the best free TV streaming sites above, you can enjoy the Girl from Nowhere easily. However, please mind that there are potential threats while visiting these free streaming sites because they might be implanted with malware and ads. It’s recommended to use a strong VPN or anti-virus software tool to protect your online privacy and security.

Hence, streaming Girl from Nowhere on Netflix would be a much safer choice. But like any streaming site, there might be constant buffering on Netflix due to various reasons, and you might want to download Girl from Nowhere with CleverGet Netflix Downloader for offline access. It’s also the best way to keep the show forever for future playback.

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Step 4. Analyze the Source

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The End

Where to watch Girl from Nowhere? Netflix is the best place to go. You can also choose streaming sites like MyasianTV and Thai Drama TV and watch the show for free. Just make sure to download Girl from Nowhere with CleverGet Netflix Downloader, so you can keep your favorite show forever and enjoy them offline!


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