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Is 9Anime Down? Are There Any Anime Sites like 9Anime?

With a huge content library, 9Anime is one of the most popular streaming sites these days. It’s the most trendy streaming platform that allows you to watch anime with good video quality. However, the site seems to change the URL frequently. So which 9Anime is real? Is 9Anime down? In this article, we’ll explain everything about 9Anime and anime sites like 9Anime as well as the best 9Anime downloader to check out in 2022. Just read on.

Part 1: What’s 9Anime Official Site?

So what is the 9Anime official site? Is 9Anime Down? If you just go to the official Twitter page of 9 anime, you can find the official site is written as Alternatively, you can go to the 9Anime subreddit, where you can find the official 9Anime links listed. Scroll down and click on the right important links sidebar and you can get the links. Once you get to the official site, you can try to download online videos with a 9Anime downloader for offline playback.

To avoid being banned, 9Anime also has a primary site that allows users to access the main site. The proxy site of 9Anime is, which can be found through the browser search bar. You can also access the official site from here. To help you distinguish which 9Anime is real, we’ve collected the verified 9Anime mirror links as follows. They are safe links that can bring you to the real 9Anime site.

  • https://9Anime.TV/

Part 2: Is 9Anime Down?

Despite its popularity, many users report there is no way to access 9Anime. So is 9Anime down? According to the Updownradar, can be down occasionally. The report shows the site functions normally most of the time. However, the site is reported as not running for users in the US sometimes. For the rest of the world, 9Anime seems to work perfectly well.

That is to say, 9Anime is not down. It could be buggy sometimes, but that is normal because every website has bugs from time to time and they can be fixed soon. Apart from the statistical reports, many users have left comments that report the site for not loading, slow loading speed, cleaning device scams, etc. which brings out a question – is 9Anime safe?

Generally speaking, 9Anime is safe for streaming. But just like the most free streaming site, 9Anime is ad-supported. That is to say, you might have to bear with the running ads and popups when you stream on 9Anime. You can either fix the issue by ad-blockers or download the anime with the best 9Anime downloader. Once you save the anime as local files, you can enjoy your favorite anime offline securely.

Part 3: Anime Sites like 9Anime

Is 9anime Down? As you can see, it’s not. While 9Anime is a great option to watch anime for free, you can find many anime sites like 9Anime for free streaming. Before introducing the best 9Anime downloader, let’s take a look at the 10 best anime sites like 9Anime.


AnimeVibe is a great streaming site that offers an ad-free and fast streaming experience. With a slew of big anime titles in subbed and dubbed versions covering all genres, AnimeVibe is just like 9Anime. Moreover, AnimeVibe is also one of the best free movie websites to find trendy movies and TV shows.

HD Rezka

Offering a wide range of anime titles across different genres and countries, HD Rezka is an anime site like 9Anime. Apart from anime, the site offers a versatile and diverse selection of movies and shows. HD Rezka promises all content on site can be streamed in HD quality.


Animixplay has a huge catalog of anime and you can also find the releases on the air here. With Animixplay, you can switch servers to find the dubbed or subbed version. There is no need to sign up to stream anime on Animixplay, but registered users can unlock more features.


AnimeTV is one of the most recommended anime sites like 9Anime. Most anime here are subbed with original Japanese audio. AnimeTV has multiple servers for you to choose from, you can choose one based on your internet speeds. In addition, AnimeTV offers a download option, which is better than 9Anime.


With a simple interface, Animepahe is easy for users to locate the anime they like. The site offers a wide range of anime with English subtitles and all content can be streamed in 1080p HD quality. The only downside is that the running ads and pop-ups might spoil your streaming experience.


Distributing content through cable TV, satellite, VOD, etc. AsianCrush is not only a website for anime but also for movies and TV shows. The site offers more than 1,000 titles that cover all major genres. With a subscription, you can enjoy a good variety of anime with decent streaming quality.


With more than 9,500 titles, KissAnime is perhaps one of the best anime sites like 9Anime. You can literally find everything related to anime here with the vast library. The site updates frequently and there are no ad breaks between videos. Most users recommend KissAnime for its superb streaming quality.


VIZ is one of the largest anime and manga streaming service providers and it’s fair to say there is no dearth of content here. With a modern design, VIZ looks just amazing with staggering color and style. Plus the truly sublime streaming quality, VIZ is worth considering if you are up to a premium service.

Anime Planet

Anime Planet offers 45,000+ full-length streams, which makes it an impressive library for anime fans. You will never run out of content on Anime Planet. Users can not only watch anime but also read manga on Anime Planet. Furthermore, you can keep track of what you’ve watched/read with helpful features.

Chia Anime

Chia Anime is a free streaming site just like 9Anime. With sheer content volume, the site is just a promised land for anime fans. Each episode provides 4-5 streaming links, which are great for users to choose from. Moreover, the site has tons of manga and all of them can be downloaded for free!

Part 4: How to Download from 9Anime?

Now you know the real official site of 9Anime and anime sites like 9Anime, just go check them out. While some of the recommended sites above offer a download option, 9Anime is for free streaming only. This could be a drawback as there are too many ads and pop-ups running, which largely affect the viewing experience. But you can always find a 9Anime downloader to save the video as local files.

Furthermore, the ads and pop-ups will slow down the loading speed. You might find the page frozen and the video is constantly buffering. Not to mention the ads might bring you to suspicious sites that might risk your online security. So how to watch videos on 9Anime securely with supreme experience? Just download your favorite episodes with CleverGet Video Downloader.

With CleverGet Video Downloader, the best 9Anime downloader, you can easily download all content from 9Anime with resolutions from 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K, and up to 8K UHD with 320 Kbps audio quality. Want to download and watch Demon Slayer movies and full seasons? With CleverGet’s batch download feature, you can save all episodes at once.

Apart from the free anime streaming sites, CleverGet Video Downloader also supports all major video-sharing sites like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and more. You can easily download TikTok videos without watermark with CleverGet. For people who want to download YouTube videos to MP4 regularly, CleverGet Video Downloader is also the best choice.

Now let’s see how to download anime with CleverGet Video Downloader, the best 9Anime downloader.

Step 1. Launch CleverGet Video Downloader

CleverGet Video Downloader is a module of CleverGet. Free download and install CleverGet on your computer.

  • CleverGet YouTube to MP4 Downloader
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Step 2. Set Output Directory

Click on the Settings icon to enter the setting panel and set the output directory.

Step 3. Locate the Anime

Go to 9Anime or free streaming sites. Locate the anime you want to download. Copy and paste the link to CleverGet Video Downloader.

Step 4. Download the Anime

Choose preferred quality and format. Click on the “Download” button to download the video.

Please mind that you can download 3 videos in total for free with CleverGet Video Downloader. If you hope to download more videos with the best video quality, you can upgrade CleverGet Video Downloader to enjoy premium services.


    Please mind that you are only allowed to download videos/audio with permission. The videos you downloaded are for personal use only and distributing content offline for financial benefit is not allowed. You can also find the copyright laws in your country/region for more references.

Wrap Up

Is 9Anime down? Are there any anime sites like 9Anime? You probably should know the answer by now. Want to enjoy your favorite anime with the best viewing experience? Just download them with CleverGet Video Downloader, the best 9Anime downloader, and say goodbye to streaming issues of all sorts!


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