Top 15 Best Chinese Anime (Donghua) to Watch in 2024

You may have noted that the global animation industry is at the evolving stage. There are a large number of new animation types from different countries. Chinese Donghua becomes increasingly famous all over the world due to its great plots and rich types. Many good Chinese anime appear, which has attracted numerous fans. If you are just looking for the top Chinese anime that are worth watching in the new year, this guidance will be quite proper for you. A list of 15 best Chinese anime will be presented in this tutorial and you will also learn the place & method to watch them whenever you desire. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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Part 1: Top 15 Best Chinese Anime (Donghua) List

In order to assist you to find the best Chinese anime series quickly, here I have chosen 15 great popular Chinese anime movies for you to watch in your spare time. They vary in genre, style, and length, but all offer something unique and worth your time.

1. Way of Choice (Ze Tian Ji)

The director of this Chinese anime is Zhong Shujia, and this popular Chinese anime is filmed by Shanghai Foch Film and T.V. Culture Investment. You can get access to this anime on YouTube and Dailymotion platform. The story of Way of Choice begins when a mysterious meteor crashes the earth’s surface, and its pieces land on the Eastern Continent. It is known as one of the best Chinese anime series, which has a total of 49 episodes. The main character is Chen Chang Shang, who is a young orphan. He started a journey that changes his fate.


2. Karma (Dongguo Xiaojie)

The Chinese anime name of Karma is Dongguo Xiaojie, which has a total of 15 episodes. This top Chinese anime series tells the story of the journey of Dongguo and her brother as they travel an unknown path in order to search for a cure for their mother’s Grave Illness. The plot is attractive and the ending of it is well received.


3. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (Mo Dao Zu Shi)

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation belongs to the genre of action, adventure, mystery and so on. It is a historical story of supernature. The main character of this top Chinese anime is Wei Wuxian, who creates his own way of cultivation and made a crucial contribution to the success of bringing down the tyrannical Wen Clan. He was killed and then resurrected through being summoned into the body of a man called Mo Xuanyu. After that, he begins to search for all the truths with this body.


4. Spiritual Domain (Ling yu)

The directors of Spiritual Domain are Kok Koon Leung and Jones Wah-Kon Ma. In this story, the continent is known as Сhilаn, where all the warriors are classified on different levels as Spirit weapons. The leader of this continent is Xuаntiаn Union. The main character of this anime is Qin Lie, who is a young man from Ling Town.


5. Dawn Of The World (Mo Ri Shu Guang)

Dawn Of The World is a good Chinese anime, which is heavily influenced by Attack on Titans, High School of the Dead, and Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress. It has a total of 20 episodes. The story of it has two main characters: Meng Feng and Liu Yan. Their fight against the undead is amazing and excellent. In the end, a new dawn appears with the assistance of them and the population.


6. Sword Dynasty (Jian Wangchao)

This Chinese anime series can be watched on the platform of YouTube and Gogoanime. It has 24 episodes, which follows a journey of a brave man who started his journey so that he could create his dynasty. The rating of this anime is high, which scores 8.0 on IMDb. In the story, Qin Dynasty has to come to power ending the years of blood and unrest. The brave man wants to dismantle the Qin Dynasty and make his sword Dynasty.


7. Die now (Duan nao)

The director of Duan nao is Yu Zhong Zhong, which is filmed by Haoliners Animation League. You can get access to this great anime on the Chinese anime list on the platform of Gogoanime. The background of this anime is like a gaming, which is made up with suspense elements. It is hard for you to figure out what the character is thinking.


8. Under One Person (Yi Ren Zhi Xia)

Under One Person is adapted from the webcomic of the same title, which is a collaboration Chinese/Japanese anime television series. It tells a story of a normal college student named Zhang Chulan who runs into in a zombie attack when he visits his grandfather’s grave and a strange and forceful girl saves him from the dangerous situation. However, after that, he will be drawn into more bizarre events.


9. The Silver Guardian (Yin Zhi Shou Mu Ren)

The silver Guardian ranks top on the famous Chinese anime list, which tells the story of a high school student and actor, Suigin Riku, who makes a living by studying at Shinryou Private Academy. When he tries to save a cat, he is rescued by the beautiful Rei Riku. It is worth watching, which has been viewed over 418 million times.


10. Lan Mo’s Flower (Lan Mo De Hua)

Lan Mo’s Flower centers on the romantic story of Lan Mo. This anime is a light watch that’ll leave viewers’ hearts fluttering. You can also find a magical hairpin that helps her change her appearance, which can make you feel amazing when you see this scene.


11. Rakshasa Street (Zhen Hun Jie)

Rakshasa Streetz belongs to the genres of Action and supernatural, which is premiered on April 28, 2016. The main character Xia Lin, who is a college graduate and she is busy looking for a job. However, she receives a special interview message and accidentally enters the Rakshasa street.


12. Hero is Back (Monkey King)

Hero is Back is directed by Tian Xiaopeng. This best Chinese anime movie is available on Amazon Prime Video, Gogoanime, and YouTube. The monkey is powerful, who can freely roamed between the Heaven and Earth. The story tells the monkey saves the village from the evil monsters.


13. Spiritpact (Ling Qi)

Spiritpact is premiered on June 21, 2016, which follows the story of a pact between a young man. The main character is named You Keika, who becomes a spirt after being killed in a sudden accident.


14. Ace (Wangpai Yushi)

Ace is available on Gogoanime and YouTube. In this anime, the world where e the yin and yang have completely lost their balance. The story is joyful, comic, and fun to watch. It also has copious amounts of fanservice as well!


15. The King’s Avatar (Quan Zhi Gao Shou)

Quan Zhi Gao Shou has wonderful artwork, which has left the viewers mesmerized and complicated strategies that’ll leave them scratching their heads. This anime is really worth killing your spare time.


Part 2: Where to Watch & How to Download Best Chinese Anime?

You can watch best Chinese anime on many Chinese websites like Bilibili, iQIYI, Tencent Video and so on. Also, you can find Chinese Donghua on some free websites. For more details, see: 10 Best Websites to Watch & Download Anime Free Online. If you desire to download excellent Chinese anime for offline watching, you can make use of CleverGet Video Downloader. As an all-inclusive online video downloader solution toolkit, CleverGet Video Downloader provides multiple modules to help you download Chinese anime from Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, HBO Max, Hulu, etc. It could download Chinese anime to 1080P MP4/MKV files for unlimited offline playback, with selected subtitles and audio tracks so as to let you play and watch The Chinese anime in the desired language. The below guide would show you how to download Chinese anime movie from various streaming services. Firstly, free download and install CleverGet Video Downloader on your computer. Then, fire it up after installation completes. It’s totally free to install and try.

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Step 1: Set download directory

On CleverGet Video Downloader, click the 3-dot icon on the top-right corner and then choose “Settings” option on the drop-down panel to set download directory in the “Save Video To” box on the “Settings > General” tab. Make sure you have chosen a disk drive that has enough space for saving downloaded Chinese anime.


Step 2: Locate target Chinese anime page

After setting the download directory, open Chinese anime website on CleverGet and playback Chinese anime on the website within CleverGet. At the bottom right corner of the playback page, you could see a blue download icon, by clicking which you could let CleverGet parse the target show URL.


Step 3: Choose Chinese donghua to download

When the parsing completes and succeeds, there will pop out a “Download” interface that provides all available video download options of target video. You need then to choose the proper download option. Then, decide the output format (MP4 or MKV), output audio tracks and subtitles, pack subtitles into output video file, and then click the blue “Download” button at the bottom to start downloading the Chinese anime.


Step 4: Check downloading and downloaded videos

Then, on the right sidebar of CleverGet, you could see the downloading progress and downloaded videos. In this way, you could easily download any Chinese anime to MP4 or MKV files for offline watching on any MP4/MKV compatible media players at will.


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    CleverGet allows video downloading for personal needs only. Sharing content downloaded by CleverGet with any third party or for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Hope you are fond of this list of best Chinese anime and you can have a great experience by downloading Chinese anime to your local folder for offline watching when you are on the go. Each of the anime is worth of a box of popcorn.


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