Tips on How to Download Episodes on Paramount Plus


    This blog will teach you how to download episodes on Paramount Plus with the native feature and a third-party video downloader. You can also find all relative information about video downloads on Paramount Plus

Of all the streaming platforms out there, Paramount Plus is an excellent choice to look for the latest movies and TV shows. With a premium subscription, you can access Paramount Originals, exclusive movie premieres, reality shows and so much more. However, many users would like to download Paramount Plus content for offline playback. So can you download episodes on Paramount Plus? The answer is positive. Just read on to find how to download episodes on Paramount Plus with useful methods.

Part 1: Can You Download Episodes on Paramount Plus?

Looking for the latest movies and TV series? Paramount Plus is the place to go. With a premium subscription, you can access unlimited Paramount Plus episodes, exclusive shows, and other content on various devices. While streaming seems convenient at some point, you might want to download movies for offline playback. So can you download episodes on Paramount Plus? Yes, just like other streaming services, Paramount Plus allows you to save its content for offline playback.

However, the option is available to Premium subscribers and annual subscribers only. Subscribers who have a Paramount Plus with SHOWTIME monthly/annual plan will be able to download on-demand content without commercials. While some of the shows might still contain promotional ads, they are quite brief and not that disturbing. Once you’ve got a valid subscription, you can download episodes on Paramount Plus with supported devices.

Part 2: What Do You Need to Download Episodes on Paramount Plus?

So how can you download episodes on Paramount Plus? Don’t worry, we will introduce the specific guide later. First off, you might want to figure out the basic requirements before you download episodes on Paramount Plus.

  • Supported device: As of now, Paramount Plus allows you to download and stream shows on mobile devices, including iPhone/iPad (iOS 14+) and Android tablets/phones (Android 5+).
  • Sufficient storage: How can you download episodes on Paramount Plus without limit? You might want to make sure you have enough storage space on your device. The more episodes you want to download, the more storage you need.
  • Paramount subscriptions: Make sure you have a valid subscription to Paramount Plus. Only subscribers with Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan(monthly/annually) can enjoy the native download feature. The option to download is not available for the Paramount+ Essential plan.
  • Stable connection: Video downloads devour your bandwidth and speed. Hence you need to have a stable internet connection and you should have a mega network to support the downloads.
  • Paramount Plus app: Since you can only download episodes on Paramount Plus with its app, you need to install the app on your mobile devices first. And it’s imperative to update the app to the latest version, so there won’t be bugs during video downloading.

With the requirements fulfilled, you can enjoy a smooth and stable download process. So what can you download episodes on Paramount Plus? Just check out the next part.

Part 3: What Episodes Can You Download and Watch Offline on Paramount Plus?

With hundreds of thousands of movies and episodes, Paramount Plus is the best choice for spending a lazy weekend. So what content can you stream? What exactly can you download episodes on Paramount Plus? Just have a look at the categories here.

  • Exclusive Paramount+ Originals: Star Trek, Why Women Kill, The Good Fight, etc.
  • Reality Shows: Big Brother, Survivor, etc.
  • Primetime Dramas: Bull, The Equalizer, and NCIS.
  • Kids programming: SpongeBob, Paw Patrol and Avatar: The Last Airbender, etc.

However, please mind that not all the episodes are available to download. You can only download episodes on Paramount Plus when you see a Download arrow next to the episodes. Want to know how to download movies on Paramount Plus now? Just read on to see specific guides.

Part 4: How to Download Episodes on Paramount Plus?

What can you download on Paramount Plus? Simply look for the Download arrow and that’s it. Here’s how to download episodes on Paramount Plus app with two options.

Option 1

Step 1: Launch the Paramount+ app and locate the video you want to download. Tap on the Down Arrow icon next to the video to start downloading.

Step 2: A message will pop up asking if you want to be notified of completion. Agree on the prompt and proceed.

Step 3: You will see a Download icon change to a Checkmark once it’s completed.

Step 4: To find your downloaded videos, just navigate to the library by tapping Menu > Downloads.

Option 2

Step 1: From the downloaded content page, you can download new content by selecting the button in the middle of this page – Browse Available Videos.

Step 2: This will take you to a list that contains all the episodes available to download.

Step 3: From here, you proceed in the same way you would with option one.

That’s how to download episodes on Paramount Plus. Please note that you can browse through the Paramount+ app when the download is in progress. But once you quit the app, your download will be paused. And be aware that the episodes you downloaded are merely offline caches not actual MP4 files, which means you can only watch them within the app and there’s no way to transfer them to other devices.

So how can you download episodes on Paramount Plus to your computers as actual video files? CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader is what you need, which can help you download TV episodes and movies without quality loss. The downloader allows you to save all content on Paramount Plus to MP4/MKV with up to 1080p HD resolutions. You can download individual episodes or the entire season as you see fit. It can also add episodes/seasons in batches for downloading. Overall, the entire download process is simple and clear, all it takes is just a few clicks.

  • CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader
  • CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader

    Support Paramount+ Movies and Shows Download
    Download 720p/1080p Paramount+ HD Videos Without Quality Loss
    Save Paramount Plus Movies in MP4 or MKV Files
    Reserve Multi-Language Audio Track & Subtitles
    Remux Subtitles to Video

Moreover, CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader detects and displays all multi-language subtitles and audio tracks, so you can choose your preferred ones. It will automatically pack subtitles into the downloaded files. You can also save every subtitle file as an external SUP/SRT file if you want to edit them. Compatible with Windows and Mac, CleverGet offers the best Paramount Plus downloader tool that can help you save your favorite shows for offline playback.

Part 5: Can I Save Downloaded Paramount Plus Episodes Forever?

How can you download episodes on Paramount Plus? As you can see, CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader is the best choice if you want to download videos on Paramount Plus and keep them forever. The episodes you downloaded are actual video files and they will only be gone if you choose to delete them. This is also the simplest way to keep your favorite shows forever, especially after you cancel the subscription.

What about the offline caches you downloaded within the app? Starting with the day you’ve downloaded the videos on the app, they will be available in your library for 30 days only. Please note that these videos will be removed from your download library after 30 days. But you can always download them again after removal.

Meanwhile, Paramount Plus adopts an auto delete mechanism. It will delete a downloaded video automatically as soon as you’ve finished watching, which can help you maintain your storage space. But this feature needs to be enabled on your device settings by going to Menu > More > Settings > Toggle the “Auto-delete upon completion” button to ON.

Part 6: Why Can’t I Play Downloaded Paramount Plus Episodes?

More often than not, you can’t play the downloaded Paramount Plus videos. So what happened and how to fix them? Here we’ve concluded all possible issues and fixes.

1.Expired videos

This is mainly because the video is going to expire when you open the video. It will run out of time before you finish the video. You will see a message that lets how much time remains before it is removed from your download library. To fix it, you will need to download it again on Paramount Plus.

2.Not enough storage

As mentioned, the videos you downloaded on Paramount Plus are offline caches. They need to be played with extra space on your phone. You can remove unwanted files, videos, photos, etc. to make room for playback.

3.Outdated Paramount Plus app

Is your Paramount Plus app up to date? If not, there might be bugs that cause the playback issues. You should keep the app up to date so there won’t be bugs that can interfere with the playback.

4.Incompatible formats

If you download episodes on Paramount Plus using a third-party downloader, it can be that the video format you downloaded is not supported by the media player or your device. So how can you download episodes on Paramount Plus without playback issues? Just use CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader to save them in MP4 for smooth playback!


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