Can You Download on Paramount Plus?

With a huge library, Paramount Plus is the home to the world’s most popular content. With Paramount Plus, you can access its originals, exclusive premieres, trendy movies, and the very best TV shows. So can you download on Paramount Plus for offline playback? How to download on Paramount Plus without hassles? If you are having the same questions, check out this article to find all the answers!

Part 1: Can You Download on Paramount Plus?

As one of the giant streaming services, Paramount Plus is where you can find thousands of movies and TV shows on demand as well as live content from CBS, BET, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and more. So can you download on Paramount Plus? The answer is YES—you can download shows and movies for offline viewing. But the option is available to Premium subscribers and annual subscribers only.

However, a few shows, be them current or prior seasons, might be available for brief promotional interruptions. Just stay tuned to learn more. Once you’ve got a valid subscription, you can download on Paramount Plus with supported devices. As of now, Paramount Plus allows you to download and stream shows on mobile devices, including iPhone/iPad (iOS 13+) and Android tablets/phones (Android 5+).

Part 2: What can You Download on Paramount Plus?

For Premium subscribers, you can download and watch the majority of shows and selected movies on the go. So what exactly can you download on Paramount Plus? Here are a few examples.

  • Exclusive Paramount+ Originals: Star Trek, Why Women Kill, The Good Fight, etc.
  • Reality Shows: Big Brother, Survivor, etc.
  • Primetime Dramas: Bull, The Equalizer, and NCIS.
  • Kids programming: SpongeBob, Paw Patrol and Avatar: The Last Airbender, etc.

You can also download all classic shows available with Paramount Plus, for instance, Twin Peaks, 1883, and many more. You might be wondering, is it possible to watch Yellowstone on Paramount Plus? Unfortunately, the streaming rights of Yellowstone are licensed to Peacock TV exclusively, where you can watch Yellowstone free for season 1 and unlock seasons 2-4 with subscriptions.


    Please mind that the videos you downloaded will be available in your download library for 30 days and they will be removed after that. Furthermore, once you start streaming the video, the availability in the download library will become 48 hours. But you can always download it again if you haven’t finished watching the video by the time it expires.

Part 3: How to Download on Paramount Plus?

Now you know the answer to “Can you download on Paramount Plus?” The next thing to do is to download your favorite shows within the app so you can watch them when you have bad network connectivity. Just make sure you have valid subscriptions and supported devices at hand.

Here’s how to download on Paramount Plus in simple steps.

Step 1: Launch the Paramount+ app and locate the video you want to download. Tap on the Down Arrow icon next to the video to start downloading.

Step 2: A message will pop up asking if you want to be notified for completion. Agree on the prompt and proceed.

Step 3: You will see a Download icon change to a Checkmark once it’s completed.

Step 4: To find your downloaded videos, just navigate to the library by tapping Menu > Downloads.


    Please note that you can browse through the Paramount+ app when the download is in progress. But once you opt out of the app your download will be paused. You can download up to 25 shows on your device and stream up to 3 devices at once.

Part 4: Why Can’t I Download on Paramount Plus?

There are a few occasions that you find you can’t download on Paramount Plus, which can be caused by various reasons. Here we’ve concluded all possible scenarios you might encounter and provided fixes accordingly. Just check them out.

No download icons on iPhone/Android

If you can’t see download icons on your mobile devices, it could be that you are running an operating system that is older than iOS13 or the unsupported version of Android OS (below 5.0). You can follow the steps below to update the operating system.

  • iOS: Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install
  • Android: Settings > About Phone > Check for Updates > Update

Another reason that you can’t see the download option is that you are using an older version of the Paramount+ app. Here is how to update the Paramount + app on iOS and Android.

  • iOS: App Store > Updates > Tap on the “Update” next to the Paramount app
  • Android: Google Play Store > My apps & games > Tap on the “Updates” at the bottom of the screen.

Note: Not all shows and movies on the Paramount+ app are available for download. If you can see the download icon for some shows but others, it could be just that the show/movie is not available for download.

“Download limit” error message

Please mind that you are only allowed to have a maximum of 25 videos on the Paramount+ app at one time. If you are trying to download the 26th video, the “download limit” error message will pop up.

“Download limit” error message for a particular show/movie

The error message appears because you are attempting to download the same video to another device. It could be that you have got 5 copies of the same video across all devices. Hence you’ll be prompted with the error message for the 6th download attempt.

“Not enough storage” error message

The error message pops up because you have exceeded the storage limit of your device. You can delete items unrelated to Paramount+, for instance, photos, videos, and apps that you don’t often use to make room for videos download.

Bonus: Best Paramount Plus Downloader

Can you download on Paramount Plus? You can certainly do so within the native app. However, as you can see, some limitations make the download feature not user-friendly. The most inconvenient one is that you are only allowed to keep the show for 48 hours even if you have just started watching for a few minutes and you have to download it again after 48 hours.

What’s more, the show you downloaded is not a real video file due to copyright concerns. You can only watch it within the Paramount+ app. Once you cancel the subscription, the show will be gone forever. Hence you might consider getting CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader, a dedicated downloader designed to help you save all your favorite content from Paramount Plus with ease.

  • CleverGet YouTube to MP4 Downloader
  • CleverGet Video Downloader

    1. Download Video & Music from 1000+ Sites
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With CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader, you can download shows and movies without quality loss. The downloader allows you to download videos to MP4/MKV with up to 1080p HD resolutions. All available subtitles and audio tracks will be saved in the downloaded files, and you get to choose subtitles and audio tracks for output. The entire download process is highly intuitive, all it takes is just a few clicks.

CleverGet does not only support Paramount Plus but also many streaming services, including Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Hulu, and more. Want to download and watch the best movies on HBO Max now? Just try CleverGet HBO Max Downloader. Are you a fan of Marvel productions? You can check out the best movies to watch on Disney Plus and download them with CleverGet Disney Plus Downloader!

That’s not just it. For users who want to download videos from Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, CleverGet Video Downloader is your best choice. You are allowed to download 3 videos for free, which is a great chance for you to download youtube videos with the best video quality!

Now let’s see how to download videos with CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader.

Step 1. Download CleverGet Video Downloader

CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader is a module of CleverGet. Download and install CleverGet on your computer.

Step 2. Set Output Directory

Click on the Settings icon to enter the setting panel and set the output directory.

Step 3. Locate Video Sources

Click on the Paramount Plus icon to enter the Downloader. Find the video you want to download and play it within the downloader.

Step 4. Analyze Video Sources

CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader will detect and analyze the video available for download. Click on the Blue Download icon on the right of the player to download videos.

Step 5. Download Videos

Choose a preferred quality and format. Click on the “Download” button to download videos from Paramount Plus.


Please mind that you are only allowed to download videos/audio with permission. The videos you downloaded are for personal use only and distributing content offline for financial benefit is not allowed. You can also find the copyright laws in your country/region for more references.

The Bottom Line

Can you download on Paramount Plus? How to download shows on Paramount Plus? You should probably know the answer if you have read this far. With the guide above, you can easily download movies and shows on Paramount Plus with the native app or CleverGet Paramount Plus downloader. But if you want to keep your favorite shows forever, CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader is certainly the best choice. No limit, no ads, and you can enjoy Paramount Plus content with the best video quality!


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